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If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants – Isaac Newton

There are tons of thoughts out there in The Elder Scrolls lore that I owe my understanding of the lore to, in large part. So I thought I’d make it easy for others to hear some of the best thoughts that have ever been had on the lore we all love.

This is a listing of some of the most extensive and well thought-out essays on TES lore out there. Note that I don’t necessarily agree with all the stuff listed here, but I’m aiming to collate some of the best thoughts on TES lore here, no matter whether I agree or not.

Arranged in roughly alphabetical order, although any “A” or “The” as prefixes have been ignored.

This this will always be growing, so watch this space!

Anuvanna’si: Heroes, Prisoners, & The Godhead With A Thousand Faces


A very in-depth essay on the nature of the Prisoner. A big inspiration for my own thoughts on the matter.

Aurbis: The Musical


An outline of all the parts of the Aurbis, fitted together in the fashion of a musical scale.

The Aurbis, Spacetime, and General Relativity: Assorted Ramblings


Some really interesting thoughts on how various bits of TES lore relates to general relativity and all sorts.

Brynjar’s Compendium of the Walking Ways



Part II: Prolix Tower and the Psijic Endeavour

Part III: Tonal Manipulation and the Fission of Souls

Part IV: Love, the Fusion of Souls and Conclusion

One of the most comprehensive guides to the ways of reaching heaven by violence on the Internet. Whether these are actually what the Ways are is up for debate, but these are still great things to read.

C0DA Lore Discussion


One of the first reaction threads to C0DA. Includes a statement by Toesock which is one of the best encapsulations of what C0DA is and what it was trying to do.

Eternity, Peace and Love: Lore-Mining the Soul Cairn


An essay going through the Battlespire lore on the Ideal Masters and the Soul Cairn. They have a very different perspective and purpose than what you might think if you’ve just played Dawnguard

Final Report to Trebonius


The most comprehensive account of what happened to the Dwemer. The most widely accepted explanation of where they went.

Hunt the Amaranth/The Amaranth Hunt

A very in-depth search for the Amaranth. Not an essay, but a real piece of TES lore history that people need to read.

A Model of the Godhead


A wiki containing a load of texts that build a model of the Elder Scrolls universe, pulling from a wide range of influences and logical extensions of the information we have about these elements of the universe.

The New Whirling School

RottenDeadite & Buckneybos

A line-by-line exegesis of the 36 Lessons of Vivec. Also houses several essays on a variety of topics by one of the best TES scholars out there.

The Prolix Tower & Dracocrysalis Analysed


An essay looking at how two of the more obscure possibly Walking Ways work.

The Rebel’s Return


One of the first essays to outline the idea of the enantiomorph.


Malak the Orc

A thread linking Trinimac, Malacath and Arkay as a triumvirate being.

What is Love? Reddit Version


An essay on the concept of Love as expressed in the 36 Lessons, by RottenDeadite. The comments and posts after this are almost as worth going through, and there were 2 versions of this, I can only find the Reddit version right now, will link the Bethesda Forums version if I find it.



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